Our next production

Our next production is Quartet by Ronald Harwood, directed by Sylvia Stickings.

Quartet is a warm hearted comedy that challenges some of the notions we have about old age in a poignant and humorous way. Three lifelong friends: Cissy, Reggie and Wilf, find themselves in a retirement home for opera singers where they live together in harmony.

One day their peace is shattered by the unexpected arrival of a grandiose prima donna, Jean, ex-wife of Reggie. Jean is down on her luck, but her monstrous ego is intact and ready to bulldoze over people’s feelings.

Cissy is played with verve by a Players’ favourite, Brenda Ogden, and the part of Jean is given extra zing by Diana Dixon who has recently joined us. Rodney Buckland plays Reggie, a sensitive man of letters, poetry and deep thought, while Wilf – a randy oldster who is intent on ageing disgracefully – is played by S. Sangha.

Quartet will be presented by Meopham Players at Meopham Village Hall on 27th to 29th October 2016.

Our booking office is open – see the Bookings tab. Out ‘Theatre Experience’ offer is available for all three performances.


Director: Sylvia Stickings

Cast:   Cissy Robson – Brenda Ogden            Jean Horton – Diana Dixon

            Wilfred Bond – S. Sanga                       Reginald Paget – Rodney Buckland